On My Mind

Another Month Later

Sup diggity dogs.  I’m thinking that I need to do more than a monthly post, yeah? Yeah.  I’ll work on that.

Anyway, lots has happened here.  Unfortunately, nothing has happened in the workforce for me.  Still applying, and still waiting to here back from a few.  HOPEFULLY something comes up soon.  If not though, I decided I am just going to become a running-canyoneering-dancing-eating ice cream-bum.  I’ll run, hike, and dance my days away while Nate is at work and only eat ice cream to save money on food.  Good plan? I think so 😉

Speaking of Nate… he is officially the Head Recruiter/Assistant Coach for Southern Utah University!  I am pumped.  He has already started contacting kids to recruit and gets super excited every time he does.  I know that he is going to love his job and I am sooooo happy about that.  I would hate if Nate had a job that he hated.  It makes me so happy to see him excited to work 🙂

Here are some other updates of what we have been up to…

– Went to a family reunion for Nate’s Mom’s side of the family in Zion National Park.  Nate’s grandparents rented a plush cabin in Zion that all of the cousins and families crashed at. It was sweet! We went canyoneering, paint-balling (my first time ever…it was so fun), played lots of card games, slept outside on the deck under le stars, went swimming, ate lots of good food, and played with babies all day long…. Speaking of babies… Ashley, Nate’s sister, had her baby while we were up there!!  Little baby Mason decided to come 2 weeks earlier.  It was a crazy day the day he was born.  But luckily Cedar City was only a couple hours away from where we were staying.  And luckily Nate and I drove our car up there so Ashley and her husband, Rich, were able to leave early in the morning to go down.  After canyoneering that whole day, we were able to rush down the mountain, wait FOREVER in traffic because of a fire, and finally make it time for his birth (outside the door anyway:) )!  He is one cute kid 🙂  I wish I had more pictures of the canyon and stuff… but they are all on Nate’s computer, so maybe I’ll upload them later.

Well, I am already tired of writing, haha.  So how about I just upload some pictures I have of things of late…

This is the fire that made us wait for 2+ hours as we were trying to get to Cedar City to make it for baby Mason’s birth!
My little niece, Addie, loves to have me blow bubbles with my gum so she can pop them.  This is the aftermath of a popped bubble 🙂

Went to a carnival with my Baby Sister and my nephew and niece

Nate and I have ran a couple races and won some $$ and sweet prizes…such as these boss hats

Yet another fire… Utah has been burning up!  This one was particularly sad because it was super close to my house.  Lots of my good friends had to be evacuated.  Luckily no homes were lost!

And last but not least… we have been doing LOTS and LOTS of Tour De Run stuff.  The race is in 4 days!!!! We are excited! 🙂 (PS you can still sign up and run, just let us know if you want to!)