On My Mind

While in Chemistry…

…you’re supposed to not listen & write on your blog!  If you didn’t know that…you’ll get a better grade than me.

Spring break came and went; I miss it terribly.  Some things we did are…

  • SLEEP IN!  One morning I even slept in LONGER THAN NATE.  That never happens. I really must have been sleep deprived before (no surprise there).  
  • Ate good food!  Even my Dad told me that It was about time I acutally made some good dinners for Nate.  The best thing (which Nate even helped with) were fajitas.  SO good. Have I ever mentioned that Mexican food is my favorite? ‘Cause it is.
  • Took a mini road trip to Tallulah Gorge up in North Georgia.  This place has been on our bucketlist for about a year.  It is a big gorge that has a few different waterfalls as it travels down to the river at the bottom.  You can get to the river front by going down 550+ stairs.  Well, I had run earlier that morning before we drove the 2 hrs to the gorge but still needed a few more miles.  They had a loop that was about 3 miles that you could visit all the lookout points of the gorge…a few of which were along the river front….aka, Nate and I ended up running (okay we walked, it was pretty steep) down all the stairs, then RAN back up.  Needless to say, it was rough stuff.  I felt bad that I made Nate run back up. But hey, we saw all the gorge had to offer faster than all the 3 other elderly couples that were there with us, combined!
  • Sleep.
  • Went to happy hour at Steak and Shake and got milk shakes!
  • Got a tan line from running outside…mmmm. I’m so ready for the sunshine
  • Sat by the pool.
  • Did I mention we slept a lot? 😉
  • All in all, it was magnificent 🙂 I was definitely bummed Sunday night when I realized we were about to head back to reality. But hey, only 7.5 weeks till GRADUATION!

Here are a few pictures from the gorge (we didn’t take the camera when we ran, so we don’t have any pictures of the actual gorge. But we did have a picnic by the river after and took some 🙂

(Nate took all the pictures, as always) 

Well, class is about over! Here’s to being super attentive….not. Haha.
Peace & Blessings!