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Happiness & Funniness.

Sheesh, I let my last post hang on a depressed note for way too long!  No worries though, I am alive and well.  You think I would learn after 21.89 years of my life I would know that things are never as bad as they seem.  To combat my depressed post, I am dedicating this blog to happiness and funniness!


65 degree weather to welcome February in.  That little hog must have seen his shadow!

Taking 20 seconds off my 3k PR in just 2 races

My Brother and Sister (technically Nate’s sister and her husband) from Utah came and visited!  I love family.

Pretending to tickle a teammate and having her laugh as though I were actually tickling her (Andrea) 🙂

Realizing I have 3 tests, 2 papers, 8 quizzes, and 3 homework assignments all within one week (hello 20 credits) and instead of becoming depressed (okay, so I did cry. BUT just a tiny bit..) I listened to “Under Pressure” on repeat and dubbed it as my new theme song. Followed by listening to my man Yann and concentrating and getting work done like a BA.

Realizing my babies (my CTR 6 class that I teach at church) needed a fun day so we all sat in a circle and colored, ate pretzels, and chatted.

And LOOOOOTS of big, wet, juicy kisses from this guy (grossed out yet, Jasmyn 😉 ):

This was a sneak attack as we were about to take a picture when we went to the beach in November 🙂


Realizing this was too true.  It’s a good thing Nate loves me:

“Sup, Nugget!”

Being able to make fun of Nate because this picture says it all too well:

Last thing I can think of:

While taking to one of my little primary kids that I teach, he told me that he just got a new puppy.  When I asked what her name was he grinned (he has the cutest little grin) and in an almost mischievous voice replied, “Cheekies” and started to giggle. haha, oh, I love little kids.

I hope after reading this post you have at least something to smile about.  Typing up all these things definitely made me realize how great life really is. 🙂

Well, back to the ‘study grind’.  1 test, 2 quizzes, and 1/2 a paper down…still lots to go! haha.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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