On My Mind

4 months. 17 weeks. 117 days. Not that I’m counting or anything.

The holidays came and went just like I imagined…waaay toooo fast!  From my last post till today lots has been going on for us (hence my lack of blogging).  It started off with racing my last cross country race EVER at the South Regionals in Alabama.  It wasn’t my best race of the season because I had gotten sick the week of, but hey, so goes life.  I just had fun with it and it was a great way to end my cross country season.  It would have been more nostalgic had it been my last collegiate race… but I still have track. Here are a few pictures…

Thanksgiving then rolled in and brought my sister with it!  Jasmyn Kapree came and visited us for a week.  My sister and I are best friends and it was so fun showing her our new life down here in the ATL.  We toured the city, went to a GSU football game, went to the Gladys Knight concert, took a mini trip to Savannah, GA and went to the beach, and had a Thanksgiving dinner cooked by yours truly 🙂

House from the movie, “The Last Song.” Jasmyn was pumped!

This guy was standing on his head the ENTIRE time we were there… it was hilarious!

Don’t want to be there when a hurricane hits…

They had lots of cute candy stores along the river front.  I was in heaven!

He came up and wanted to take our picture.  I think he was hitting on Jasmyn 😉

(Pictures courtesy of Nate )
We then had 2 weeks full of finals and junk like that.  But we survived and headed home to Utah!  Being back in Utah with our families surrounding us is my utopia. Especially after a grueling semester.  Over the break we pretty much hung out a bunch with our families.  Although, we did go on quite the adventure…
We went on a snowmobiling/snowshoeing trip with Nate’s family that turned out to be a lot more than we had planned for.  After not being able to find our yurt (a reallllly basic hexagon way up in the Uinta mountains) for hours, Nate and I along with my in-laws hopped on the snowmobiles and set out to try to find it one last time.  It took us around 90 mins of driving around in the dark and -8 degree weather but we finally found it!  Though once we got there it took us a long time to get a fire going and trying to heat up the place.  By this point I couldn’t feel my toes and my fingers.  I was trying so hard to be ‘tough’ but the cold got to me and all I could do was cry, haha.  I’m just not made for cold dark nights.  Anyway, we had our 2 nephews with us and we knew that there was no way that they could make the ride up to the yurt for the night.  I volunteered to go with my sister-in-law, Heidi, and stay at a hotel for the night.  Rough, I know.  Heidi and I checked into a hotel, snuggled up in bed with our nephews and had a very nice night… until 3 AM.  I was sharing a bed with my 5 year old nephew and woke up to the NASTIEST smell ever.  Lucky for me, he had thrown up all over the bed.  I guess it was good Mommy training.  I had to clean out the sheets and get him cleaned up while trying not to gag.  Once we got all the craziness out of the way, the next day was so much better.  We headed back up to the yurt (this time it was about 27 degrees and sunny) and had a fun day of playing in the snow and playing games.  It even got so warm inside of the yurt that all I slept with was a little blanket that night!   
We got back from the yurt on Christmas Eve and the rest of our break was very relaxing.  Well, aside from the fact that on Christmas night I woke up throwing up and was sick for a couple days, haha.  We were able to eat at our favorite restaurants, see lots of family and friends, run with my sister, and enjoyed the sunny, warm (well, warm for a Utah winter) weather!  Needless to say I enjoyed the break a little too much.  I kept telling Nate on our flight back to ATL that I was depressed, haha.  However, getting back to our cute little apartment has been fun and I’m excited to get back into things.  
Tomorrow we both start our final semester of school!  Nate will have his Masters degree and I will have my Bachelors.  Not only that, but I will be ending my running career!  I will always run, but I will be done racing competitively after this track season.  It is crazy we only have another 4 months till our lives change dramatically!  I am a little sad, but really, I am SO excited to see where life will take us. Only 4 months, 17 weeks, and 117 days… not that I’m counting or anything ;).