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One time.

One time I had a crazy schedule.  A schedule that included 3 practices a day for 4 days out of the week and 2 practices a day for the other 2 days.  A schedule that somehow fit in 17 credits.  A schedule that somehow allows me to travel to meets every weekend.  A schedule where I don’t get home till 9 pm or later.  A schedule that is too… ‘beefy’ for me to handle sometimes.

One time, I felt real bad for myself because of my schedule and got all cry-y and grouchy with Nate.

One time, Nate told me I was being a grouch.

One time, I said he was right. (and only this once!…ha, kidding)

One time, okay… lots of times… I have to get a frosty to make me feel better.

One time, okay… all the time… it’s Nate that actually makes me feel better…the frosty is just the “frosting” on top… get it?! 😉

One time, I ran a race. Our home meet to be exact.

One time, I felt strong and powered through the race. Except for that stupid uphill finish where I didn’t have a *kick… uhhh… maybe one day I’ll get these legs of mine to kick.

One time, okay… all the time… I really love my team.

One time, I was looking through some pictures from our last race and got a little teary eyed cause I just love my girls.

One time, I was jealous that my sister got to go on a mini vacation to California with our Momma.

One time, I missed my Momma, sister, my little nieces and nephews, and all of my family and friends lots and lots.

One time, I felt proud that I haven’t gotten nearly as homesick as I did last year.

One time, Nate went with some of our friends to an orchard and picked some apples!

One time, I craved Fall time reeeeeeeeeal bad.

One time, the weather man cooperated with me! Kinda at least.  Utah Falls > Georgia Falls.  But the humidity has gone down and the temperature is very lovely 🙂

One time, Nate told me that I couldn’t buy candy every week for my **babies. What?! I said okay, but then I remembered that we had a Hershey’s bar frozen in our freezer.  I will always find ways to treat my babies!

One time, I did reeeeeeeeal bad on a test.  A test that I thought I aced.  Lame.

One time, I did good on all my other tests, so it all balanced out… right?

One time, I felt like Nate and I are the only ‘newly’ weds that are actually poor and still live in an apartment.

One time, I wished that if you claim you are a newly wed who is poor, don’t follow that sentence with telling me about all the international vacations you went on and the new house that you just bought… that is not poor my friends.

One time I was trying to not let myself get jealous of everyone buying houses, going on sweet vacations, getting fun ‘toys’ and stuff.

One time, After trying real hard, I really did decided that it’s okay that Nate and I are poor.  Cause really, we’re not.  We’re blessed in many other ways than a new house. (though… one day I hope one of those blessings can include a new house and sweet vacations! 🙂 )

One time, amidst my crazy schedule, lots of running, and no new house, I felt truly happy and blessed for my life and the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful that it entails.

One time, I hoped everyone felt the same about their own lives.

One time, I wished everyone put a smile on their face and had a great day.

***One time…

This is how I feel on those days when I’m not happy with my schedule.  Oh, and make-up is not ever apart of my agenda these days.
My coaches. I have a crush on the one on the right, don’t tell.
Trying to kick. It didn’t happen. Lame.
A few of my beautiful teammates. Tear-jerker… at least for me 🙂

 * Kick: a final surge in the last 100-200 meters of a race.  Emptying everything that you have left in the tank.(if you’re like me, I usually don’t have much left… aka, I barely go any faster when I kick)

**Babies: the CTR 5 class that I teach at church.  I am wrapped around their little fingers, and I’m totally okay with it.

*** One time: that time is now.

4 thoughts on “One time.

  1. Love the pouty face and how you give your 'babies' treats every week. You are awesome and I love you. We WILL have a girls only vacation to California – one time – some day!

    Your Momma

  2. One time… actually everyday… I miss my best friend/ My big sister.

    One time I wish that my sister could have come to California with me and momma.

    One time when I was reading about your frosty stuff "Frost yourself" form how to lose a guy in ten days popped in my head.

    One day on November 17th I am really excited to see you!!!! 🙂 🙂

    One day we will live next to each other and when you have your babies I will spoil my nieces/nephews and be their favorite aunt!- please lets live next to each other soon!!

    One day… actually everyday… I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂 and MISS YOU!!

  3. I copy Jasmyn. Kacee someday you will have a beautiful house and be so crazy busy and you'll miss right now. I'm glad you have an awesome team I wish I was still on your team. I have a half marathon next sat, wish me luck!

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