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Because my Mom requested a new post.

I’ve sat down a few times this summer to blog, but always find myself distracted by the sun outside, my little sister coming to talk, or a bowl of ice cream calling my name.  Mmmm, how I love summertime.

Speaking of which… here is a quick recap of some of our summer activities…


We went on a quick camping trip down to Escalante, UT for some canyoneering and some quality time with the Houles.  Nate, me, and our sister Ashley, headed down before the rest of the clan and were able to do a technical canyon that had lots of down climbing and rappels.  Later that night, Mom and Dad Houle and our sister Heather came down with her 3 kids.  Nate and I made a plush bed in the back of our truck.  It seriously was super comfy and it was so fun to star gaze all night long 🙂  Here are a few pictures of the trip:

A week or so after we went to Escalante, we went down to California with the Hildebrandts.  It was a super fun filled week.  We stayed at a beach condo for the first half of the week where we went boogie boarding, sea kayaking to caves, found star fish, kayaked with dolfins! (it was super cool, they were literally like 5 feet from us), had a bonfire on the beach, played beach football, and you know, just all the fun beach stuff.  After the beach, we headed down to Anaheim to visit the happiest place on earth.. Disneyland.  I am proud to say that I convinced Nate that Disneyland is cute and that it really is a fun place to go.  I also want to give a shout out to my older brother, Rhett, and his girlfriend, Mary.  For the 2 days that we went to Dinseyland, they were at the park from open to finish, went on every ride, went to almost every show, and were just Disney-go-getters!  As much as it impressed me, I was very content with my and Nate’s ‘relaxed’ approach.  We hit the big rides, went and saw the big shows, then just chilled 🙂
For Pictures of the week, visit HERE!
Zion National Park:
We were lucky to go to Zion twice this summer.  Both times with the Houles.  The first time was to go down and do a canyon called Behuin.  It was kinda a rough one!  Our group consisted of Nate, Me, Momma Houle, My sister Jasmyn, and my sister from another mister, Lakyn.  To get to the start of the canyon was around a 5-6 mile hike… straight uphill.  With lots of bush-wacking.  Not the most fun.  But once we finally made it, we had a great time 🙂
For pictures visit HERE!
The second trip we went on was just a week ago.  It was especially fun because my teammate/friend, Katharine, was visiting from Georgia and we got to show her the ropes… literally…get it? Cause we were rappeling and stuff…funny, right?! 😉  This time around we did a canyon called Spry.  It was MUCH more enjoyable.  We only got wet up to our knees, the hike to the start was very steep, but not too long, and it was just fun!  We went with Momma Houle, Rich and Ashley (Bro and Sis-in-law) and Katharine. 
For pictures visit HERE!
We also stole the Houle’s retro and totally cool camping trailer and went camping up the canyon for a night…
 (Pictures credit to Nate, of course)

I love Silver Lake 🙂

Showing off my Yoga moves.  This is Warrior I.

There was a moooooose, on the loooooose, full of juuuuuice.  Okay, so he probably wasn’t full of juice.  But we got to see him up close and personal!  He was just chilling in a meadow thing by the road.  I named him Fred.

We also were able to see this girl graduate….
Jasmyn Kapree.  The beautiful graduate and best friend/sister ever 🙂

I was also able to do this….
Nate helping me along for the last few miles of the race.  What a great husband 🙂

Run my first half marathon!  I ran the Timpanogas Half Marathon.  I didn’t really train for this, just went to see what I could do.  My summer mileage was around 60 miles per week, so I thought I could handle a half.  I ran a 1:21 and took 3rd overall.  I definitely have somethings to improve on (i.e. not drinking water or eating gu until mile 9, and then stopping to gag on the gu…) but overall it was a great experience!  I think once I’m done with college this will be one of my favorite distances to race. 
A few other things we were able to do this summer are…
-Help my parents finish the basement.  We painted and laid the tile.  Tiling= HARD.  It was kinda fun learning how to do it… but don’t expect me to do that again for a looooong time.
-Ate LOTS of ice cream.  This is a big summer event for me 🙂  Between my and Nate’s parents houses and the Wendy’s that is inbetween, my addiction always got fed 🙂
-Went to the Cedar Hills Family Festival.  I had to put this one in here for you, Dad.  It’s a family tradition for us and I love it.  I even got to be in the parade and drive a convertable.  Sweet.
All in all, it was a FANTASTIC summer.  Seriously.  I love, love, loved being close to our families and friends.  I only wish that there were more hours in the day so we had more time to see people.  But we really can’t complain.  We are so blessed for all the fun that we did have and for all that we’ve been given 🙂
We are currently back in Georgia about to start classes, Nate’s thesis, and the XC season.  This is our last hurrah!  Weird, but so exciting.  I’m sure that I’ll blog more… it’s a good way to delay studying heh 😉
Until then,
Kacee Renee Hildebrandt Houle

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