On My Mind

Answers to Kim and Courtney’s Questions :)

Here are my answers to the first two questions…

Kim, my wonderful Momma-in-law asked…

-Why are you blogging at 2 am (are Nate’s sleeping habits wearing off on you 😉 ?)
I’m sad to say that Nate’s sleeping habits are wearing off on me… but not as bad as it seems!  My blogger is still on Georgia time.  It was really only 12:00 am when I finished writing the post.  Nate and I have found somewhat of a happy medium of going to sleep.  We get to bed around midnight most nights 🙂
-What is one thing you still want to do in Utah this summer before you return to Georgia? 
One thing I was to do in Utah before heading back…. that’s tough.  Probably a trip to Zion or just do lots of little fun things like having a bonfire up the canyon or have a girls night like we did last summer, I liked that 🙂
Courtney, one of my only friends in Georgia (outside of my team) asked…

– What do you wash your face with? I’ve tried tons of things and still can’t find something I like.
 I really don’t wash my face with anything fancy.  When I do wash my face (I have a bad habit of just going to sleep without washing it… ) I either just wash it with Dove bar soap or I wash it with Aveeno skin brightening daily scrub.  I really like the Aveeno stuff though.  It’s an exfoliating scrub and your face feels reeeeeeal good after.

– Is your hair naturally straight or do you flat iron it? It’s always straight when I see you, which would be a ton of flat ironing. Just curious.

My hair is actually pretty wavy.  I usually blow dry it straight because it’s a little easier to manage when it’s straight because I wear it up so often because of running.  My waves get a little out of control, haha.  I do flat iron my bangs waaaay too much.  They are fried. Always.  Maybe one day I will learn… 

– How can I start liking running? Do you just keep doing it until you enjoy it? You’ve probably always liked it though, so you might not know.

I have liked it for a long time.  I was introduced to it by running with my dad early in the mornings to get ready for the Freedom Festival 5k that our family did every year.  We would do “the horse run,” as I would call it (there was a horse boarding place a couple miles from my house, and I really liked horses).  Then when I started to compete in track in 9th grade, I found a whole new side of running.  The competitive side.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  So for me, I enjoy running for a few different reasons.  For the memories, the competitiveness, the power to push myself beyond what I thought possible, for my teammates, and most of all, for the feeling I get as I’m out there sweeping the ground beneath me.  There are lots of way that you can enjoy running.  Try running in new locations, somewhere pretty that you can enjoy your surroundings.  Sign up for a race and then you’ll have motivation to train (and if you’re competitive at all, races are SO fun.  I love racing).  Find a friend or a running group to run with.  The fastest way to make the miles past by for me is by running with a good friend and we just chit chat.  I don’t know if you run with music or not, but if you do, try running without it.  Not that music is bad at all, but it distracts from listening to the world around you and your own body 🙂
Whew!  Sorry, running obviously is something I can ramble on about.  I really think anyone can enjoy it if they find a situation that is good for them 🙂

If anybody else has questions, I am very willing to answer them 🙂  But for now, Nate and I are off to the Cedar Hills Family Festival.  Going to go on some carnival rides and we get to be the baking contest judges!  Totally pumped 🙂