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We are the champions, my friends.

Hello dears, sorry for the long delay of blogging.  Life has been just a little hectic, but GREAT.  I seriously have been loving the past few weeks.  It all started with becoming a…. CAA CONFERENCE CHAMPION!!  Georgia State women won conference for the first time in school history.  Each and every person ran, jumped, threw, and hurdled either where they were expected, and for most of us, exceeded expectations.  As I said in my last post, we were in third going into the meet, only behind by a few points.  We all came together and as a classic underdog story, destroyed the competition and won by over 30 points! It seriously was one of the best experiences ever.  Especially since all my waiting, waiting, and waiting paid off!  I was able to place 6th in the steeple (I was ranked 9th) and PR by 20 seconds!  After getting over the feeling of almost puking, I was SO pumped.  In the steeple we went 2nd, 5th, and 6th.  This race secured our win and the whole team was cheering like crazy for us during and after our race.  It was incredible!  A perfect ending to an amazing season.  Here are a few pictures of the happiness afterwards 🙂

Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE having Nate as one of our coaches?  Cause, I REALLY love it.

The distance girls. My teammates and family.

Now I am currently finishing up my 3 week break and am excited to get back to training!  We have a strong group of girls, all y’all better watch out, the panthers are on the prowl!