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The Drive.

After an all night bus ride back to the ATL after conference, Nate and I packed up a few more things, then the next day, started our 3-day long trek back to good ol’ Utah!  Here are a few pictures of our adventure back home:
LDS Independence, Missouri Visitors Center

Community of Christ Temple.  We were able to go in and walk around and check it out.  The spiral is sweet!

Cathedral of the Plains.  This was the biggest church west of the Mississippi when it was built.

Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  Unfortunately we missed the tour and so we just were able to see the old entrance to the cave.  It is one of the biggest caves in the nation.  pretty cool!

Pretty, Right? Right.

How lucky am I to be able to stare at this chunk of handsome for 3 days straight?!
My turtle, Stache.  He was so small, but so fearless!  Nate wanted to take him away from his home at Mammoth Cave, but, I was scared of harming him, so we let him stay there.  Great little turtle Stache is.
Gateway Arch. St. Louis, Missouri.  Nate especially loved this place.  We got there right as the sun was setting, it was beautiful there.  I decided that St. Louis is a cool city.

Some other things we did not pictured are:
Stopped at Alma, Kansas at the Alma Cremery and got some “nibbling good” cheese.  It was super tiny and super fun.
Listened to “Sarah’s Key”.  It was a book about a girl the survived the Holocaust.  I liked it.
Stopped in Nashville.  I was disappointed. Not as cool as I expected.
Ate too many fast-food hamburgers
Got told by an old man that I, “don’t look a day over 16 years old!”  I’m 21 sir. All growed up.
Saw all the flat plains that are being flooded.
Saw where the tornado crushed Alabama
Sang till our voices broke
All-in-all, it was a jolly good time.  Road trips are never dull when you are with the one you love. Super cute, Right?! 😉