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So close, yet so far away…

This always happens to me.  In a race, it’s always with 3 laps to go.  I have that, “Yes! I’m almost done!” Feeling and get so excited.  Then with about 2.5 laps to go I realize how long 1200 meters really is.  The last 2.5 laps are always the most painful ones.  The end is so close, yet so far away.  That’s how I feel right now, with EVERYTHING.  I only have 2 more weeks of school.  One week of classes, and one week of finals.  I only have a little over 2 weeks until CAA conference championships (I will be racing the 3000m steeple chase).  I only have 3 weeks till Nate and I are back in Utah.  I only have 3 weeks till summer officially begins. 3 weeks… 3 weeks.

So close, yet so far away.

Good luck to all those who are in the same boat.  May we survive the last 2.5 laps of school, running, and whatever else y’all have going on.

This past week I PR’d in the 5k!  I ran 18:19.  Crazy thing is- I felt SO good during almost the entire race.  Watch out 17’s, Kacee is coming at you fast!

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