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Tan Lines in February.

Oh my lanta… I love Atlanta’s weather!  Seriously folks, it has been gorgeous here the past couple weeks.  It’s been around 70 degrees with lots of blue sky and sunshine.  I have been in heaven.  Especially since we’re on spring break right now and we’ve had time to just play in the sun all day long. My usual ‘track’ tan lines have even started to come back! Most people don’t like tan lines, but I grow quite fond of my watch tan line, sock tan line, short tan line, and sports bra tan line.  I’m so pumped that they are coming back!

Anyway- I won’t bore you to death with a blog about me talking about the weather and my tan lines.  Instead, here are a few things that we have done so far on our break….

Went and drove through one of Georgia’s covered bridges. They have a few around the state and are all historic and stuff.  Not much to it, but it was actually really pretty.

Went out to eat at Texas Road House and then went and saw Tron 3D. Nate was super pumped to see it, even though we had already seen Tron but, “Kacee, we will never ever be able to see it in 3D once it’s out of theaters!” So I caved and we went and saw Tron again. 

We’ve slept A LOT! Thank goodness.  This is how I watch movies now.  I usually make it 3/4 of the way through the movie, then I fall asleep and Nate takes pictures of it.

We planted a garden! Nate planted basil and bell peppers and I planted strawberries.  Everyday (it’s been about 4 days since we’ve planted them) Nate looks at his plants and says, “Come on plants GROW already!” I have to remind him to just ‘have faith’ 😉 

 A few other things we’ve done that we don’t have pictures of are: had a picnic and ate sorbet by the pool, went to goodwill and bought tennis racquets then went and played tennis.  Played some scrabble.  Watch a few redbox DVDs. Went on runs.  And we actually both have studied a little.

Not only has this past weekend/couple of days been great, the weekend before spring break my parents came to visit!  It was SO much fun having them here.  Here are a few things we did with them…

Went to Costco and they spoiled us rotten.  I had been wanting a bed frame, guess who finally got one! 🙂

Went and saw Peter Pan! Okay, so this was the night before they came.  It was my V-Day present from Nate.  I had been dying to go see it and he surprised me with tickets. What a guy! 

Went and visited the Lloyd’s.  This was the family that we lived with for about a week when we first moved into ATL and my Dad’s former colleague.  It was a really fun night.  

Told you they spoiled us.

We went on top of the Westin (a really nice hotel/restaurant).  This was one of the pictures Nate took from the top.

Walked around Centennial Park.  This was the Olympic park for the 1996 Summer Games.  They have a water/light show that you can sit and watch.  It was pretty cool.
Went tot he World of Coke.  This is in the “Taste It” section where you can test taste all the different kinds of coke products from around the world.  Warning: Do not try the Beverly.  No matter what anyone tells you.

 All in all, these past couple weeks have treated us very well.  I have had lots of time to sit back and enjoy life and realize all my blessings in life.  And I’ll tell you what, I sure do have a lot of them 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tan Lines in February.

  1. I wish i could get me some 70 degree weather tan lines….instead I'm stuck inside running on a treadmill…so lame.
    P.S. I really really hope that you will be here on June 11th and can finish the marathon with me! That would seriously help SOOOOO much! because I'm already struggling on low milage and what not…so you running the end with me might actually help to finish!
    Oh and I love that your parents came a spoiled you! I wish we could come visit! that would be so much fun! We're going to florida in May…you guys should come do Disney world with us! 🙂

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