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I am so…



Because Nate didn’t give me time to say that I wanted a hot fudge sundae when he was ordering his food at McDonald’s.


Because I was on the phone with my sister so I was distracted and when it came time to tell him if I wanted one or not, I hadn’t quite made up my mind.  When the drive-thru voice asked if that was everything, he looked at me, and I hesitated for like 0.00000000002 of a second while I thought about what I wanted.  Then he told the drive-thru voice that his  mcdouble, mcchicken, and apple pies were all that he wanted.


As he started pulling forward it hit me how badly I really did want that sundae!  I asked if he could order it at the window.  But you know what he did?  He just paid for his food and we were out of there.


Now I am eating cereal at home.  No delicious hot fudge sundae to tickle my taste buds. No joy. No happiness.


I really didn’t get a sundae.  Nate really didn’t give me enough time to say I wanted one.  I really did want one.  And I really did get frustrated…. but then it dawned on me.

I am practically 21 years old, not 5.

So really, I’m not frustrated anymore.  Really, I am laughing at how silly it is that I get frustrated over such trivial things, haha. 🙂  

I’ll just have to get one tomorrow 😉

On a side note: It was an umbrella and rain boots kind of day here in the ATL.  I walked around singing this song in my head and it made me notice something…. Have you ever looked at people as they walk around with umbrellas over their heads?  Have you ever noticed how funny it looks?  Cause I sure did today!  I was walking to my classes (with my own umbrella over my head) and I started to giggle because I just thought umbrellas were funny looking things and watching people scurry around to their classes underneath them just looked funny!

Moral of this Post:  I have just been in a silly mood all day today.  Maybe it’s because I turn 21 in 2 weeks and I’m having an early-20’s crisis so I’m reverting back to 5 years old.  Maybe it’s because I have been a little low on sleep.  Maybe it’s because I am racing my first steeplechase of the season on Friday.  Or perhaps, I am just a silly person.  I’ll let you decide 🙂

7 thoughts on “I am so…

  1. Hmmm… I choose that you're a silly 20 year old who cannot sleep because you are excited like a 5 year old about your upcoming birthday and nervous/excited about your upcoming race!

    Love, your Momma!

  2. Hey soon you'll be 21. I couldn't wait to turn 21 because my favoirte store is Forever 21. and now I'm 22…:( so I guess I'll never be forever 21…and when I was 21 I pregnant almost the whole year. Poop. Oh well…well that's my random thought.
    oh and ps I get really whiney and frustrated over dumb things like hot fudge sundays too. I'm sure it drives Logan crazy, but hey I hang out with a baby all day, I can act like one too, right? 🙂

  3. haha kacee!!
    i was laughing so hard when i was on the phone with you and you were getting so mad!

    but i still LOVE YOU!! 🙂

    Love sister J

  4. Oh my gosh! Kacee this is the darlingest blog! I heard a rumor that you had a cute blog so I had to stalk you and find it! Hope things are going well your you and your Hubs! We are moving out to North Carolina in a couple weeks… That's almost Georgia 🙂 Congrats on such a great life Kacee! and good luck with that 21 thing… let me know how it goes. ps. if it doesn't say my name, this is Paige Ellis… well Slade

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