On My Mind

Day 27: A picture of you last year and now and how you have changed since then.

Last year…..

This picture was taken last year over V-Day weekend!  Back then, Nate and I had been engaged for about a month and a half.  We were going to different schools (Nate at Southern Utah and I was at University of Utah)… 4 hours apart.  I HATED it.  Luckily for Valentine’s Day I was able to head down to Cedar City and spend the weekend with my man.  We hiked Angel’s Landing, went and shot guns (this is what we were doing when he snapped this picture of me), and just cherished our time together.  I cried when I left that weekend.  That was my life last year.  Miss Nate like crazy during the week (s) and then get SUPER excited when we got to see each other, then I would cry most of the time when he left.  I definitely lived for the weekends.  Oh, and I guess I was doing a little thing called planning our wedding. No big though… 😉


This was taken, today!  Nate and I went on a long run in the beautiful 55 degree weather (well, I went on an 80 min long run, Nate finished the last 40 mins with me 🙂 )  Afterwards, we went out to lunch at a restaurant that Nate has been dying to try.  Swapna Indian Cuisine. of course.  It was a buffet and Nate was in heaven.  Seriously.  He kept saying how he wished he could throw up just so he could fit more food in… gross, haha.  I can only handle so much Indian food, but I loved having Nate love it so much 🙂  Afterwards, we went and used some gift cards we had from Kohl’s and watched The Proposal.  A typical Saturday.  Keyword: typical.  I am now a married woman (almost 9 months…sheesh!) and am soooo happy to be done with being engaged.  I didn’t like being engaged hardly at all.  Being married is the best.  Now-a-days I am so lucky to spend everyday with my wonderful husband.  I am so much happier and I don’t feel like everyday is just another day to ‘get through’ until I get to see Nate. (I was a little pathetic….)

I don’t feel different, but I am different from last year.  I think the biggest thing that has changed is I know myself better.  They say you really get to know your spouse during the first year of marriage.  And while that is definitely true, I think I’m getting to know myself just as much.  It is almost surprising to find out how little I knew about myself.  Well, I don’t think I didn’t know things about myself, I think since being married I have just realized exactly what makes Kacee, Kacee.  I’ve come to accept myself like I never knew I could.  I have learned my strengths, and weaknesses, and accepted both of them.  Having Nate love me and respect me makes me realize how much I really do have to offer.  it also is so much easier to accept my weaknesses and then have his strength and encouragement to make those weak things become strong.  It’s amazing what a little love can do  🙂

All-in-all, last year was great, but I’m definitely liking this year a whole lot more.