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Day 23: 15 facts about you.

1. I really really love the sunshine. Like, really.
2. I am kinda an organizing freak.  I just like things in their place!
3. I don’t have a good singing voice. at all. but, I really do love to sing. and I really want to get better at singing.
4. I have separation anxiety. Not truly, but if I’m away from Nate for even more than a couple hours, I crave to be with him and miss him lots.  I still get way homesick too.  I think even when I’m 93 I’ll get homesick and miss my family.
5. I love to do other people’s hair and make up.  So if you ever want a make-over, I’m your girl 🙂
6. I have probably eaten more PB&J sandwiches than all of you. combined.
7. I have a big sweet tooth.  I try hard to tame it, but sometimes, it just explodes!
8. Respect is my favorite thing.  I don’t care if you hate someone, you should ALWAYS at least show them respect.  Not only to people, but to nature and everything. (I know I know, I should go hug a tree, right?) 🙂
9. I am a tetris queen! I have an odd talent of being able to pack large amounts of stuff into very small areas.
10. My heart hurts for other people.  Even ones I don’t know.
11.  I have had 10 teeth pulled.
12. I LOVE dancing. Too bad I haven’t danced in ages.
13. Sometimes I think so much I make my head hurt.
14. The LDS church is my backbone and my support.  Without being a member of the church, I would be so lost.
15. My name, is Kacee Renee Hildebrandt Houle 🙂

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