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Day 21: A photo of something that makes you happy.

Among MANY things, these little ones make me happy.  I love little kids.  No matter where I go I always find myself ‘baby watching.’  Instead of watching people go about their business, I watch the little ones.  They are just so cute and innocent!  If only we all could retain our innocence throughout our life.  We would be a much more respectful, fun-loving, and accepting society.  There is lots we can learn from these little guys.  Next time you go to the store, instead of getting annoyed at the person who is taking too long at the register, or is not dressed very well, take a minute to watch the little ones as they sit in the shopping carts and just watch how they act.  Look into their big eyes and see the little sparkles.  Just like me, you’ll want to be more like them, I guarantee it 🙂

(This picture is of my CTR 5 class from primary.  I was racing in New York this weekend so Nate taught them for me and took a picture of them with their ‘First Vision’ pictures.  When I got the text I was smiling so big.  Definitely made me happy! 🙂

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