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Day 17: A photo of you and your family.

My Pops.  (Konrad) He is the ‘coolest’ guy you will ever meet.  He challenges me to be the best that I can be.  He is secretly the most loving and protective guy out there.  He loves his family so much and will go to the end of the world for all of us. I go to my Dad for advice on how to get from point A to B.  He is the one I can attribute much of my success.  He will always be the toughest out of all of us- and don’t you forget it!
I love you Dad!

My Momma.  (DeAnna) Like my previous post, she is the KINDEST woman you will ever meet.  She loves to laugh and make other smile.  She is the definition of charity.  She also loves being a mommy- to everyone.  I love talking with my mom and having her there to be the best example.
I love you Mom!

My Big Brother . Rhett Dustin is the kind of guy that everyone loves to be around.  He is the one I want to be around if I am ever stressed or in need of a good laugh.  He seriously has some sort of secret power where he can calm anyone down, just by sitting next to him.  He has always been my protective, fun, best friend, and the best big brother.
I love you Rhett!

My Little Sister. Jasmyn Kapree is da big dawg of the house.  She is everyone’s favorite and of course is the funniest of us all.  She is so sweet and knows how to brighten anyones day.  She is a very very determined girl too.  If she wants something, she will get it!  No matter how long it takes her, she keeps at it.  Jasmyn and I can be doing nothing at all and be crying from laughter.  She is the best sister and friend in the world.
I love you Jazzer!
My Majik Man.  Shea Majik is the stud of the house.  He is always ‘cool’ and knows how to have a fun time.  He is the one that is constatly getting us all out of the house to go play sports or gathering us together for cards.  His love for life is so contagious.  He is the one calling me over to show me a funny clip or telling me funny stories.  He is an amazing athlete too!  All growing up it was me and him out shooting hoops and getting so competive with each other we would end arguing, haha.  He may seem like the tough, cool, funny guy (which he is) but the side of Shea I love most is his caring, thoughtful side.  It is common for family members to recieve texts/little notes saying how much he loves us and encouring us to be the best! 
I love you Majik!

My Baby Aisha.  Aisha Salome’ is our little sunshine.  She was born unplanned and 6 years after Shea.  But we are SO blessed and thankful to have her.  She is the most caring girl ever.  She will be your nurse, snuggle buddy, store companion, cleaner, helper, and anything you ask of her.  She just loves to help and have fun with everyone.  Nate always points out how I have a big soft spot for this little girl.  Everything she does is just so cute.  Since she was born if I ever needed a little light in my life, I would just go hang out with her.  She is so beautiful and talented.  I am so grateful to have this fun girl in our family!
I love you Baby!

 I love my family!

Not only am I blessed with a great ‘blood’ family, I also married into the best family ever.  Seriously.  I am super lucky to be a member of the Houle family.  From card games, to canyoneering, to just staying up really late and talking, I have so much fun with all of them.  I am so sad that we don’t live close by because I miss haning with all of them.  Especially all my nieces and nephews.  My in-laws have some great baby making skills 🙂  They are so loving and welcoming and definitely know how to have fun together.  I remember coming back from a weekend trip with them so exhausted because we were just out doing fun things the whole time.  I loved it.  They are all very active and are the best at planning fun events.  Not only do they know how to have fun, they always remember what is most important in life and are great examples to me.  From the moment I met them (it was up the AF canyon roasting hot dogs and marshmellows) I knew that they were ‘my kind of people’ 🙂
I love you Kirk, Kim, Heather, Austin, Heidi, Parker, Rich, Ashely, Kaleb, Rebekah, Eliza, Race, and Addie!

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