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Day 7: Tell about your Dream Wedding.

 It would start early on a beautiful May morning, here, at the Draper Temple…
I would be sealed to my groom for time and all eternity.
I would get 3 new brother and sisters 🙂
And some more parents
My parents will be there supporting and loving me and my groom.
The ‘Hildebrandt 5’ would become the ‘Hildebrandt 6’
I would make bouquet (with my cousins help) and it would be warm, bright colors with tulips mixed in.
There would be lots of this.
And even more of this.
All my best friends would be there.
My amazing chef/new brother and amazing chef/new sister would make a delicious lunch
These two rascals would run around the entire day, being the life of the party. 
I would wear these babies.
Later that night, the reception would be a simple and very cute backyard one.
It would be filled with lots and lots of….
Beautiful flowers.
It would be a fun reception.  One where the groom and his best man can jump on a trampoline.
And that is fun for the whole family!  Especially the little ones.
The cake would be very unique and awesome.
The groom would cute HUGE pieces of cake and make me laugh.
There will be a Daddy Daughter dance that will make me cry.
There will be lots of slow, romantic slow songs.
But even more fun songs that everyone will dance to all night.
My groom will be the most handsome man ever,
And most importantly, we will be so in love and excited to spend the rest of our lives together.    
It will be one of the best days of my life.  I can’t wait for it to happen…Oh wait, it already did 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 7: Tell about your Dream Wedding.

  1. And how good my hair looks?! I especially like the one where we are cutting the cake, I think it look so good in that one. Thanks again Christa!

    Haha, kate, EVERYONE looks like the BFG next to tessa. she is funsize. 🙂

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