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Day 4: Picture of your Best Friend.

I want to focus this post on my my best friend who has been there for all but 3 years of my life.  My longest best friend. My Beautiful little sister: 
Jasmyn Kapree. 
 I have been so blessed to have my very best friend live under the same roof with me all growing up.  I LOVE saying that my sister is my very best friend, and she truly is.  We joke about how she has been in high school since she was in 8th grade because since then, she always just hung out with me and my friends.  I couldn’t go anywhere without having my sister come.  And that was my choice, not hers.  She is the biggest jokester, very quick witted and smart.  Yes Jazzer, you’re smart!  She always jokes that she’s not, but really, she is the one who has taught me so many lessons in life.  She was always the one reminding me to be true to myself.  Because of her I am so much better of a person.  Jasmyn has the kindest heart and can sense if someone is sad and will magically show up on their doorstep with loaf of pumpkin bread and a beautiful smile.  You can’t help but be so happy when you are around her.  She is my inspiration too.  I have never met a harder worker than her.  She is so genuine and unique.  You will never meet a girl as kind, compassionate, funny, loving, cute, and lively as her.  I still have a slight case of separation anxiety with living so far away from her. But the daily phone calls help get me through.  She is currently ruling the school with her seniority and is in the process of making the decision of which school to go to.  (She is being recruited to run, obivously, who wouldn’t want this All-State, supa fast babe?!)  I am so excited to see where she goes and see all the good that she is going to keep coming for this girl.  Thank you sister.  Thank you for keeping me up laughing, thank you for sister sleepovers, thank you for always being by my side and giving me strength, thank you for being so kind and humble, thank you for always giving it your all, thank you for being you.  I love you Jasmyn. Always. 
You ARE da big dawg.  Respect!
I also wanted to give a shout out to my other bests, I wouldn’t be the same without you all!  I love each and every one of you, lots and lots! 
My Husband Nate (Of course!)

 Bottom left (dark brown hair): Christa “Skank” Clevland (she’s really not a skank at all, just an inside joke 🙂 )  
Left (red hair…at the time at least. haha) Tessa “Funsize” Perry.  
Top Left (Curly Blonde) Lacey “BoneSaw” Cramer. 
Top Right (with a beautiful flower in her hair)  Katie “Slimshady” Webber
Bottom Right (Wavy blonde) My Beautiful little sister: Jasmyn “Big Dawg” Hildebrandt. 
  Lindsey “BestCookEver” Bohne
 Megs Baby (Megan- left) and & Char la la (Charla-right)
  My Boys.  My Dad & Brothers. Shea and Rhett
My Baby Aisha. (little sister)
My Momma.  

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