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Day 3: Tell about your dream first date.

First dates are fun and all, but they never are the best.  So how about I tell you about a date that was a ‘first’ for us…

The Hand Hold
By: Kacee Houle

(Please do use your ooohs and ahhhs for dramatic/mushy affect)

Once upon a time there was this guy I worked with named Nathan Anthony Houle.  He would come into work with crazy helmet hair (he rode around on a scooter. hott), a sly smirk on his face, and always had some random thing to rant about.  Well this guy Nate was really starting to grow on me.  I told my friends all about him, but, of course, it was nothing and probably wasn’t going to go anywhere.  I was just his ‘colleague’.  Then one night I got a missed call from this Nate boy.  I was pretty excited but then thought it probably had to do something with work so I smushed my excitement away.  I wasn’t going to call him back, but my dang brother and sisters wouldn’t have it and next thing I knew my baby sister had called him back and handed me a ringing phone…I went and nervously talked to him…he asked me out to the Real soccer game for the next night… I accepted… and quickly hung up before I could make an even bigger fool of myself… walked back into the room to find my siblings squished on a couch, all with big grins and thumbs up. haha, those rascals.  The first date was way fun and sparks literally flew (they had fireworks at the end of the game).  But let’s get to the good stuff- fast forward a few weeks and a couple dates later.  Nate called me one day and asked if I wanted to go repelling with him and a friend.  (okay, so it wasn’t totally datish.. but there had to be one other person for safety reasons)  I accepted, they came and picked me up, and we drove up AF canyon and repelled for a couple hours.  It was way fun and I just liked Nate more and more.  By now I could kinda tell that he might possibly have a thing for me.  (Alright, Nate’s friend tipped me off really.  As Nate went to unhook the ropes after we were done he was like, “so you and Nate, huh?” with a big grin. haha)  After we were done repelling we went over to his friend’s house to watch a movie.  Aladdin that is.  Nate had been wanting to watch it for a long time, yes Nate.  So we popped it in, sat down next to each other and so it began.  The long awaited and mostly awkward lead up to the first hand hold.  I REALLY wanted him to hold my hand.  And I could totally tell that he wanted to hold mine.  I slyly scooted a little closer and nonchalantly put my hand in the “hey-buddy-I-like-you-and-want-you-to-hold-my-hand” position.  Nate was taking FOREVER though.  But finally about 2/3’s into the movie he snatched my hand up. YES!!!!!!!! 🙂 :D:D:D:D:D.  <—- that’s what was going on inside of me.  Butterflies galore!  After the movie ended neither of us moved.  We sat there holding hands while  him and his friend talked about random stories from their childhood and then as his friend shot darts out of his blow gun haha.  Reluctantly I said I better get going as it was past 1 am and I had to be up early to drive to AZ. (I was going down there for a week to be a counselor at a running camp)  He drove me home, both of us all smiles.  Took a long time to say goodbye.  Gave me a big hug.  Then I walked in the door, all smiles.  Then later as I was brushing my teeth, I got a text from him.  I remember exactly what it said too.  “So is it too corny to say I’m going to miss you this next week?”  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D  <—- my reaction to that text.  He was going to miss me.  You only miss someone when you like them a lot. He liked me a lot! 🙂  I replied “Yes.  It is corny.  But guess what? I like corn and I’m going to miss you too :)”

And you know what?  I did miss him.

The End.

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  1. ooohh ahh! I loved this post! I liked reading a little bit about how nate was when you first met him and started falling for him…because i don't feel like I know him very well even though he is now married to my best friend in the whole world…what the heck.!? 🙂

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