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Day 2: Tell about your Job.

Seeing as I don’t actually work right now, this might be a little tricky… I guess running is my job in way…  yeah… running counts.

Right now I am on the Georgia State cross country and track teams. This could technically count as a job.  I spend about as much time as I would a part-time job with it and it’s paying for school.  What does running entail?  Let me just tell you!

For 6 days a week I wake up a little before 6, roll out of bed half asleep, get dressed into my short shorts, tank top, lace up my Nike Vomeros, grab my spikes, slap a watch on my wrist, grab a piece of bread and head out the door to make it to practice by 6:30. (Although now getting to practice takes a little more time because of the 203948203 layers I have to wear because of the stupid cold…)  A typical routine for us runners is hard, easy, hard, easy, hard, easy, etc.  One day we will do a hard workout consisting of hill repeats, tempos, fartleks, or interval training.  My coach’s favorite workout is 6×1000 meters on hilly swamp we like to call Piedmont Park.  The day after a hard workout we go on a recovery run.  This is just about a 7-8 mile run at a pretty comfortable pace allowing your body to recover from the previous and to be ready to hit it hard for the next day.  Then on Saturdays we do a long run of about 10-12 miles.  Each week I run about 50 miles while in season, then over the Summers I get up to about 60 miles a week.  Oh and 2 times a week we have weights with our dear weight trainer Vivi, she makes us kinda buff, and very tough.  Oh and we have 15 hours of volunteer work that we do each season.  Oh and we have 5 hours of study hall each week.  Oh and we have lots of little student-athlete functions to attend.  Oh and while we are in-season, we are gone almost every weekend racing.  The races for cross country are 5ks (3.1 miles) or 6ks (like 3.8 miles) and they are at parks, golf courses, etc.  Then in track we have 2 different seasons- indoor and outdoor.  Indoor we race… indoors. on a short track (usually about 200 meters)  I run the Mile and the 3000 meters for indoor and then outdoor I do the 3000 Meter steeplechase and the 5k… and this season I might attempt the 10k. Possibly. Maybe.  It’s 25 laps… I don’t know if I could handle that.  We’ll see 🙂
All in all, it is a very busy and tiring lifestyle.  There are some days I don’t want to run one step and other days I feel like I could run for hours.  I am very blessed to be a DI athlete though.  It’s a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Running keeps me sane and helps me in other aspects of my life.  It even hooked me up with a husband!  Who wouldn’t love a ‘job’ like this 🙂

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  1. I agree with tessa….good line. I knew that this would be your job post! 🙂 Oh goodness it's weird but this made me miss running…even more. 🙁 I wish It wasn't so cold here also because it makes running a freaking nightmare. I also wish Autumn could walk so I could take her to the gym daycare…ah…someday I will be in a position that I can actually get back in shape and maybe I'll start doing races again. (Cross your fingers). You're so hard core Kace! Love you!

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