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Day 16: A photo of you’re celebirty crush.

The first person that came to mind is…

Kara Goucher
(girls can have crushes on girls, right? 😉 )

I have people like her is my kind of celebrity.  I have never been into reality t.v. or any t.v.  And although I am an avid movie watcher, I don’t really care much about actor or actresses.  Don’t get me wrong, they might all be really cool and wonderful people.  Their profession can provide very uplifting and thought provoking entertainment.  Yet at the same time, there is a whole lot of junk associated with media and the actors/actresses.  That’s why I watch the good movies but then I don’t really get involved in much else (i.e. the lives and dramas of the actors/actresses). 

Speaking of Kara Goucher… I used her as an example in a little mind-ramble of mine that I wrote up a couple years ago.  It kind of goes along with my opinion of who the real celebrities are in life.

Here it is:
(It’s a little long…)

My Momma and I got in a little argument a few weeks ago, and still to this day I find myself thinking about it. The argument started when my Dad and I were discussing one of the best female runners in the US (and world), Kara Goucher. We had read an article that told of her training regiment. It consisted of a whole day filled with elements geared around her. She worked out about 6-8 hours a day. 4 of those hours were her running and doing drills, but the other half of the day was filled with a personal weight trainer, a personal massage therapist, a personal chef, etc. Her whole day was centered around her and her training. My dad and I were talking about how much dedication it took to be the best, and I kept saying how cool that was to be able to just train and not worrry about anything else.
My momma, of course, had some differnet views.
She chimed in and stated, “How totally selfish she must be! All she does is focus on herself!” She went off on a tangent how she’s not serving anyone else, and how it’s silly how she’s looked upon as an icon when she is not well rounded and totally selfish.
I did not agree at all. And if you know me well, you know that if I don’t agree, and i’m in a situation that I can talk, my mouth won’t shut until I feel like I have proved my point as to why my view, is the right view. (Okay, so not the best quailty, and i really am working on admitting when i’m wrong…anyway…)
I listened to my mom, but then threw it all right back at her about how “OF COURSE SHE IS AN IDOL!” She is someone that isn’t average. She didn’t settle to be mediocre. She is focused and determined. She is where I want to be! Not only is she crazy good, but she does give back to others. She gives back motivation and spirit. She makes others want to work hard to excel. She’s just a great person!! (Don’t worry Kara, I got your back 😉
The next stream of our argument came up from my Mom’s comments, What’s so bad about being mediocre? What’s so bad about not being the best at one thing and just going about life trying to do your part and not making a big display of yourself? What’s wrong with mediocrecy?
A few weeks ago, I shot it all back at her. I told her how being mediocre was the LAST thing I wanted in life. Of course I don’t think the ‘average joes’ are bad in the least bit. On the contrary, I think everyone is beautiful and has so much to offer. Yet I feel that most people just settle for average. They work to a point, feel satisfied, then just keep going at a ‘mediocre’ pace to maintain where they are. Not that this is bad at all, but I just didn’t want to be that way. A few weeks ago, mediocrecy, was to me personally, no bueno.
But as I thought about this more, I have had some different thoughts. I see my Mom’s point. Why is it that we as a society put so much emphasis on the ‘stars’? Why do we care so much about what they do, who they ‘really are’ and what they ‘look like with out make up on!’ *gasp!*?
As I was pondering this, I thought of something that my dear ol’ track Coach said to me. It was before a big race, and I was wicked nervous. I was making myself sick I was so nervous. Needing some words of encouragement, I went over to my two Coaches. My one Coach, Nan Kennard (who is to this day, a hero of mine), told me to take all the butterflies in my stomach and make them run in a line with me and said a few other, deep, sentimental, but encouraging words. I felt a better after talking with her, but it wasn’t until my Coach, Rod Jorgenson, aka ‘Jorgy’ came up and said his 2 cents that I actually was ready to roll. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Kace, every girl puts those dang short shorts on the same way. Just get some grit in your blood and run!”
His statement “every girl puts those dang short shorts on the same way” is what I started thinking about. In a world where everyone is ‘striving to be different’, we forget how very much the same we all are. We all have the same basic physically and emotinal needs. Everyone needs food and water, shelter from the real and emotional storms, and purpose. Yet more and more as the world progresses it’s not enough to just have these needs met. We feel and see that we can’t be happy unless, we have the best of the best! Unless, we are on top! Unless, we are successful! Those of us who are ‘mediocre’ are never looked upon as idols. And my question to the world is, Why not
Why can’t little Suzie who runs her heart out in the race and takes 12th place be the one that all eyes are upon? She ran just as hard, if not harder, than Timmy, the 1st place runner. Yet no one will remember Suzie. No one will ever see that she worked so hard for 12th place. Not only will she not have any cheers, little Billy might even look down upon her, and tell her that she is not worth first place. And because no one is happy for Suzie, she will no longer be happy for herself. She’ll keep telling herself that she is not worth first place. This imprint will forever more be with her. Suzie would probably have been first place if she had kept working as hard as she did for her 12th place. But because Billy told her she is not worth it, she won’t bother to to even try. She will settle for mediocre.
This is why I kept thinking of the argument. The world is filled with Suzies and Billys. filled with Suzies who work so hard, but go unnoticed and are looked down upon. Billys who don’t even work at all, but fill there time by criticizing others, and telling Suzies they are not worth it. The there are Timmys. Timmys who start out as talented, hard workers. They have grown-up in the lime light, with everyone telling them they are the best. Telling them they are worth millions. Telling them they should have everything and anything. Telling them they should be greedy. Filling there thoughts with ‘I, I, I, I, More, more, more” And eventually, Little Timmy becomes Big Timmy and becomes more focused on the world and forgets about the lesser, “mediocre” things. people like Suzie, Billy, and Timmy are the cause of so much depression, crime and sorrow. They don’t take the time to step back, and then step above the world.
I do however believe there is one more kind of person. There are still Sallys in the world. Sallys who were once Suzies, but didn’t care what Billy had to say. Sallys who were once Billys, but decided to not be idle, Sallys who made Little Timmys stay ‘Little’ and not get swallowed in the world. Sallys who are just Sally. Sally who goes about her life working hard, and doing the best she can in whatever is before her. Sally’s best may not always be ‘first place’ but it will always be ‘first place’ within her own ability.
This note is kinda all over the place because I was just typing as I let my thoughts roll. But I do have a conclusion to all of this.
My Momma is right. (Told you I was working on it! 😉 At least, mostly right. There is NOTHING wrong with being mediocre, as long as you are a ‘mediocre’ Sally. To the world one might be looked upon as nothing special. But all the Sallys are special. They are those who do not let their lives drift in a worthless manner. They are those who know that they are beautiful, and have so much to offer, no matter what Billy says. They are those that win first place, gracefully accept their medal, and then put their award away where no one can see it as they head out the door the next day to practice.
So, in a way, no one is mediocre and no one is first place. We are all either Suzie, Billy, Timmy, or Sally.
Back to my first argument, Kara Goucher. I believe that she is a Sally. She may have a little Timmy in her at times, but the more i’ve read about her and watched clips of her, she to me is a Sally. I still think she is a great role model 🙂 But, I also think that people, like my Mom, who is not ‘big time’ is an amazing role modle, equal to Kara. My mom to the world may just be, ‘mediocre’ But she is definitely a ‘mediocre’ Sally. She does her best at everything she sets her mind too. And that is A LOT of stuff. She does so much, so much to the point that she can’t focus on one thing to be ‘on the top’. My mother could be a gold medalist if she narrowly focused. But, thankfully, she see too much to just do one thing.
Final Conclusion: My opinon has offically been altered. Mediocre is great! Those people that focus on more than just one thing are worth looking up to tremendously. Mediocre is no longer in my mind as ugly, but rather, it’s beautiful. It’s an even harder thing to do, to open your mind and allow so many things to fill your time, instead of just one task. And to think I thought getting to the olympics was the hard thing!
Though I respect and am in awe of those who can have so many different focuses all at once, In my life right now I think that I am still more narrowly focused. I want one thing too much to be as generous as people like my mom. For the next few years I think i’ll stick with my narrow focus, see where it can take me, and then once i’ve run my course (literally) I’ll take on the REAL challenge…
I’ll become a mediocre Sally.

“We all put our dang short shorts on the same way. Now let’s get out there and run!”

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