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Day 11: What’s in your make-up bag?

This might also not be a big surprise to anyone, but there is one thing that I have to have…

An eyelash curler.

Why?  Because my eyelashes poke straight out and I don’t like it.  My excuse use to be that curling my eyelashes made me feel more awake.  And although it kind of does, the main thing is, I just like how they look curled, okay?  My BFF Tessa and I, way back in the 9th grade, use to obsess about having the longest eyelashes known to man.  I even went as far as wanting eyelash conditioner (the ad swore it made your lashes 2x longer and thicker!)  Although I grew out of that and I’m not obsessed anymore (be quiet, Jasmyn) I do like my eyelashes all curled up and lookin’ purdy.

While we’re talking about eyes, here’s a little fact about me… I can remember almost anyone’s eye color.  Even if I only have talked to you once or twice.  Quiz me.

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