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2011 Bucketlist- Nate & Kacee Style

Before I recap the wonderful holiday season, I want to share a few things on our bucketlist for this new year!  Some are things we want to do together, some are individual, everything should make a great 2011 🙂

Here it is:

1. Both- Go to Escalante. Nate has been wanting to do this canyoneering trip FOREVER. and I’m totally with him. (For you southerners, Escalante is in Southern Utah.  All that pretty red rock, epic repels, type stuff)

2.  Kacee- Smile more.  I seem to stress out a little much sometimes.  I wanna be able to deal with everything that comes my way with a smile on my face.

3.  Nate- Project 365.  He is going to take a picture each day of the year that in some way, describes the day.  I’m pretty pumped for this 🙂

4.  Both- Road trip across the country.  This is kinda already in the planning process, I wanna drive up the east coast to Washington D.C., then take I-70 all the way to Utah and visit lots of sweet places along the way.

5. Nate- New 800 P.R.  He’s current P.R. is 1:51.0.  He can do this.

6.  Kacee- Just a lot of P.R.’s!  I NEED some new track P.R.’s (Mile, Steeplechase, 5k, and 10k).  Yes, not want, I neeeeeeed them.  Nate has currently been killing me with helping me correct my form and making me run fast, and I’ve been feeling good.  It’ll happen.  

7.  Both- Triathlon.  Nate has done 3, I haven’t done any.  But I’ve always wanted to do one!

8.  Both- Go to a Georgia beach. We do live in Georgia, gotta get to the cool stuff.

9.  Both- Become financial geniuses!  We don’t have lots of money, but I wanna be smart about where we put it and how we use it. 

10.  Kacee- Create one piece of art a month.  A piece that I actually spend time on and am proud of.  I love art but I haven’t done it in a long time.

11.  Nate- Top 5 at Club Nationals.  This year Nate created an elite racing team in Utah (Utah Elite).  He’s worked long and hard and it is coming together very well.  He already has 11 athletes and they are killer fast. 

12.  Kacee-  Learn how to work a dang camera.  Nate is so good at taking pictures and I don’t even know where to start. 

13.  Both-  Go on a date at least every 2 weeks.  Like a for real planned date.

14.  Both-  Go to the re-dedication of the Atlanta Temple.  We’re pumped for it to finally be done! 

15.  Kacee-  Make more cards for people.  I was on a good role for a while but I have been slacking lately.

16.  Nate- Apply for Coaching Jobs.  This won’t happen till the end of the year but it’ll be about that time to start looking to start his career. (finally).

17.  Both-  Be charitable and be wise.  I know that we both can do a lot of good if we only just apply ourselves.

We have lots more, but there is just a taste of some of the adventures we want to embark on for this coming year. We.are.excited.

Happy 2011! 🙂

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  1. sounds like it will be a good year. I'm so sad Ididn't get to see you again when you came back to utah. I hope you had a great time, i'm sure you did. You look really pretty in your family pictures you and nate put together! 🙂 Love you

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