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Why Thank You!

I guess it’s my turn to update. I’ve been putting it off for a little because I knew I had so much to catch up on! November has been so good to us. SO good. What a great month to express our thanks. We sure do have so much to be thankful for.
It all started with Nate’s parents coming to visit us. They were our first official guests! I LOVED having them come. And boy oh boy did they pamper us. Their trip consisted of:
-Taking us out for lunch and dinner everyday. My favorite place was Fox Bro’s BBQ. If you haven’t ever tried Fox-0-roni, you need to.
-We went to World of Coca Cola. (DON’T try the Beverly!)
-Went to the Aquarium

-Got Buster’s Ice Cream Cones
-Watched Karate Kid and Toy Story 3
-Stayed up late each night talking
-Went to the Chattahoochee river
It was a short visit, but it was so nice having them come out here. We love you guys!
The next event on the list was Regionals. We are part of the South region and raced in Alabama. My last cross country race of the season. It went really well! I PR’d and came in 4th on my team. I felt strong through 5k, then died hard the last 1k (which, of course, had to be uphill) haha. On this trip I found out I’m queen at stumping people and I was shocked to find 2 cars parked right next to each other at the meet representing Utah! One had U of U license plate cover and sticker and the other had a Utah State sticker. Get out of town, right!? I was blown away! Fun to see though 🙂 (GO UTES!) Overall it was a great trip and I’m already excited to see what I can do on the track!
Once we got back from Regionals we went on a date night! We went and walked around the Smyrna Square and then went and ate pizza. I love dates 🙂

(Nate’s so good at picture taking. Like way good.)
Then last, but certainly not least

We got to go home for a whole week, and it was so great. I seriously was the happiest camper ever! Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down:
-Saw the movie, “The Last Three Days” with my parents. It was alright.
-Got to meet little baby Adylee and play with all of our necies and nephews. Not to be biased.. okay, yes to be biased. We have THE cutest nieces and nephews ever 🙂

(All of them dressed up as bugs for Halloween)

Baby Adylee! She’s such a gorgeous and happy baby.
-Watched Nate play indoor soccer with Parker’s and Austin’s (Bros-in-laws) team. He’s a ‘little’ out of shape. heh.
-Played with Tesssssssa and Jazzzzzzzzzzzer.
-Got to see my Utes! I miss those girls.
-Got to hang out with my dear Christa Marie and her darling baby Autumn Rae.
Christa took me to the dark side. Very dark side. It still takes me off guard when I look in the mirror but I really like it! It’s been fun to swtich things up and be, as Nate calls me, a “latino lover” 🙂

-Saw the Majik Man (our little bro) dominate in his first high school basketball game.
He has my same number and coach! #10 baby, wear it well Majik.
-After his game, I showed him what’s up when all the siblings went and played our own game of ball.
-Went to Pizza Pie Cafe… I love that place.
-Survived THE BLIZZARD OF 2010!! omg!! …. riiiiiiiight.
-Played a few epic card games with the Houles. I found out that my new favorite game is Up the River, Down the River 😉
-Had a NCAA XC National Dream Team Draft. I came in second to
Parker… by like 3 points. LAME. (Still beat Nate though, FTW!)
-Played a FREEEEEEEEEEZING. Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning. I mean freeezing. It was only 15 degrees. and we still played. can you say dedication? The Turkey Bowl was with Nate’s and my families. My perfect world 🙂

The Crew.

-Ate 2 thanksgiving dinners and like a billion pies. Such great food.

Nate, looking good, and carving the turkey!

My family. (from left to right) Sister Jasmyn, Cousin Jessica, Mom, Husband, Brother Rhett, Brother Shea’s Arm, Me.

Me, Nate, and Baby Aisha Enjoying the dinn dinn!

-Played more cards.
-Ended Thanksgiving with sitting in the Hot Tub, looking at stars, and talking to my brothers.
How can a girl be anything but happy when her week was filled with family and fun! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole week. Then to have the perfect end to the perfect week, the last night we were there (Thanksgiving night) I climbed into bed and kissed Nate goodnight. He smiled and asked me if I believed in the tooth fairy. It took me a minute, but I caught on and looked under my pillow and pulled out this beauty…

The best card from the best guy. Little things like that are my FAVORITE. Definitely love that guy 🙂 Perfect ending to a perfect week.
Then once we got home I was bummed that we didn’t have Christmas in our apartment. So I went out shopping and splurged a little. Michaels was having a great sale, so I bought a “few” ($50 dollars worth) of stuff to decorate! I bought the trees and wreath plain, then I put the decorations on them, and with all the left over stuff, I made a make shift bowl thing haha. Here is how it all turned out:

(Sorry it’s crooked. I’m too lazy to turn it)

Even though the week is over and I’m not surrounded by all my family anymore, I still am the happiest girl ever. I am married to the most amazing guy, I have 2 amazing families, I am able to go to school, and be a DI athlete. I have great health. I have trials that I learn from and grow stronger from. I am in a position where I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. And more than anything, I have the Gospel in my life. It is my back bone and cornerstone. I know that I have a Heavenly Father who listens to me every morning, night, and throughout the day, everyday. He listens to me, helps me and loves me through all my choices, right and wrong. I have the words of prophets, past and present, that lead me and guide me to make the right decisions. I have a Savior that died for me so that I can live again. He is the ultimate example. He is full of love, charity, and compassion. I am so blessed to know that I can ‘Make it Back’ and live for eternity with all my family. I am so blessed in every aspect! I am truly grateful for my life; Past, Present, and I know the future is bright.
Let us all keep in mind the true meaning of this Holiday season. Remember our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember to give. Remember to love. Remember to laugh. Remember to cry. And Remember to keep on going with that smile on your face.
Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  1. I'm so glad you're coming back for christmas! It was great to see you. I love your blog. It's really cute. I love your christmas decore too! you did well with your $50 splug! Nice work. see you soon little dark lady!
    p.s. your hair really does look great on you. I'm jealous you are so tan…I look really white dark cause i am white. haha

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