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Okay, Okay. I give.

Hi y’all. Yes y’all. I am a true southern belle these days (kinda). This week I finally gave in to Atlanta. I decided it’s not that bad after all 🙂 I was beginning to lose hope for a little bit. With getting into car accidents, bad traffic, rude people, humid weather, and various other things my hopes for liking the south were drifting away. But as I sat outside on our deck this morning eating a bowl of frosted mini wheats (so good) I couldn’t deny that I actually am really liking it here.
Here are a few reasons why….
– Goodbye to humidity and hello to beautiful fall weather. Please stay awhile.
– Tia who made room for me to sit down on the bus then actually smiled and talked to me. Thank you for being so nice.
– 2 guys in my class that chased me down after leaving Nate’s camera in class. Thank you for saving my husband’s favorite hobby.
– 5 A’s and 1 B. Please stay how you are, pretty please.
– Tapering week. Thank you coach for not killing my body this week.
– My GSU XC team. I really wouldn’t be having fun without you girls (and I guess the boys too). Thank you so much for being so friendly, hard working, and just making this season a great one!
– Pretty streets with huge houses. Thank you for letting us drive slowly and creep on your richness.
– The crazy cool tall buildings. Thank you downtown for having such cool architecture.
– Nice loving people at Church. Thank you for being so welcoming.
– Finally having most things in place and a routine. Thank you consistency.
– Publix bagels. and workers. Thank you to the man who gave me free hot chocolate after a hard workout.
– Nathan Anthony Houle. Thank you for going on adventures with me, getting twisted frosties at random hours of the night, talking to me, running with me, staying up laughing, being tired with me the next day, and loving me no matter what mood I’m in.
Thank you Atlanta for being so nice to me lately. I really do like you.
P.S. Both Nate’s and my camera have been out of commission, so we don’t really have many pictures. But here are a few I made Nate take with me as we’re staying up too late one night 🙂

please, please just stare at Nate’s face for awhile. Laughing is DEFINITELY recommended.

Nate showing off his huge muscles.

4 thoughts on “Okay, Okay. I give.

  1. Awe! I love you two so much. 🙂 I am glad you are starting to enjoy it more. I really really really can't wait until Thanksgiving so we can see you guys again!!! Let me know if there are any "special requests" for food that you would like while you are here visiting. Love you guys. (oh and Bekah, Kaleb, and La La say hi)

  2. This post made me really happy 🙂 I was nervous that you guys were having a miserable time but I'm glad that GA can at least compare a little to Utah 😉 It seems like the people there are actually pretty nice. I was especially surprised that those guys returned Nate's camera! That's awesome. Keep us updated often. Love you two and glad you're happy!

    PS "Thank you for letting us drive slowly and creep on your richness." That was my favorite line, ha ha ha… you're so great Kacee.

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