On My Mind

What a Curious World.

This week has been another busy but great one for the books. Another week of classes down. Another week of practice and work. Another week of adjusting and learning about ATL. Another week loving being married! This week also included a few firsts…

I had my first cross country race as a panther! On Saturday morning we loaded up the 3 vans and were on the road by 6:30 am headed to Oxford, Alabama. We stopped to grab some breakfast at Wally World (which by the way, I am now a huge fan of their bakery’s blueberry bagels), then drove the 90 mins to our meet. Even though I’ve raced thousands of times, the first meet of a new season always makes me a little more nervous. Excited too though! I am ready to get back into racing mode. I’m starting to get tired of all this training and not putting it into good use!
The race went well. Both men and women represented strongly with crushing the competition and coming home with the W. Personally, I came in 8th overall. I wasn’t thrilled about my race, I think I had more in me. But it was good to get the first one out of the way and get these legs moving again!
After the race we drove back to the school, hopped into our VW wagon and headed to Six Flags. And this time, we were successful! We got to Six Flags, got our passes, and finally were ready to start a day of ‘rolling’ fun! Nate and I were both pumped. Of course, we had to do the biggest ride first, so we headed to Goliath. The biggest roller coaster I had done up until that point was screamin’ california in Disneyland… so I knew I was going to be in for a treat. It didn’t really hit me till we were sitting on the coaster at how crazy this ride might be. I instantly got the butterflies and got kinda giggly. The coaster took us up, and up, and up, and up, then dropped us crazy fast and spun us in all kinds of directions going around 80 mph. woah. Needless to say, once it came to a stop, I was light headed and totally ‘out of it’. haha.
We proceeded throughout the day getting whipped around, dropped, and thrown in all sorts of directions. Some being really fun, others… well… let’s just say they were the one time kind of coasters (like that dang great american wood coaster… that was not fun. that one just hurt!) My favorites of the day were probably Superman, Batman, and Goliath. I think Superman edged out the other two on my favorite list just by a bit. Not only was the ride fun, I got a kick out of reading the stats of the fictional superman characters that were throughout the line. Superman is 6’7″, 225, and has a heart of gold. Lois Lane is 5’6″, 130 lbs. Little did I know that comic book characters were so clearly defined!
By the time we were done with all the big coasters, after racing that morning, standing in lines, getting ‘rolled’ around tons, I was very tired and ready to go home. It was such a fun day though!
You might be ‘curious’ about the title of this blog. It does pertain to the title, promise. I just wanted to get the logistics out of the way before I rambled off on my tangent. That being said, here we go:
As everyone knows, theme parks have a lot more to them than just rides and games. The ‘more’ being a lot of different kinds of people. Old people, young people, skinny people, fat people, married couples, single friends, all different races and ethnicities, etc. etc. With so much diversity, I think People Watching is one of my favorite games at theme parks. I have always been a ‘people watcher’. Sometimes I feel bad for doing it because I think that other might think it’s because I am judgmental. That’s not the case though. I am just curious. It’s a curious world.
As we were walking around and standing in line at Six Flags yesterday, It stood out to me once again how curious the world is. The main thing being, how curious the cycle of life is. Being surrounded by all sorts of different kinds of people, it was easy to see the different stages that each of us go through. There were little kids, teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents. It is so interesting to me how each person gets from one stage in life to the other both with physically and mentally. What is it that makes us change so dramatically? What makes Little Billy, who sat beside me in elementary, swear to never smoke as we learned how bad it was for us, change into Big Billy, who sat beside me ‘occasionally’ in high school, miss most classes because he was out back smoking? Why do we go from eating our healthy little snacks throughout the day when we’re little to eating junk and staying up late at night? Why do parents who don’t want their kids to hear profanities and teach them to speak nicely about others, feel like it’s okay to let lose and swear about how much they hate their boss as their children are tucked in bed? Why do we go from being innocent and healthy children, to wild and party-driven young adults, to hypocritical parents? Then after all that, it seems as if old people either become wise and start to regress and become like children again, or they are just cranky and regretful. It’s a vicious cycle. One that is hard to comprehend.
As we stood in line, I wondered about this. Especially wondered about why everyone stops their daily ‘5 year old’ habits. Think about it. When we are little we learn the fastest, develop the most, have healthy energetic bodies, and stay very close to the standards and virtues we are taught. Life was good back then! It’s no wonder that those little ones are so happy! Why do we ever sway from that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be blindly optimistic about all of this. I know that there are physical changes that make us different (those dang hormones), more responsibilities, more complications, more and more of everything! I don’t think all the different things that come with different stages are bad either. On the contrary, everything has it’s time and place. What I do think is bad though, is how we so easily forget about the simple things that were so natural to us when we were little. Simple things like saying “please” and “thank you”. Simple things like eating healthy and sleeping regularly. Simple things like giving our family and friends hugs. Simple things like drawing pictures for others and other simple acts of kindness. Simple things like not judging others and ‘playing’ with everyone at recess. Simple things like getting excited to go to the grocery store or to the park. Where has all this simplicity gone?! It makes me sad to think that what use to be so fun and simple when we were five, has turned into the boring and lame as we age.
I often spend too much time reading up on pro runners. Specifically what they do day in and day out. I am curious to know what makes them so good. What I have come to find out, is that they somehow were brilliant enough to remember more of the ‘simple things’. They eat healthy throughout the day, get to bed regularly, literally run around like little kids (maybe even a little bit more), relax and watch movies when they are tired, and most of them spend their free time drawing ‘pictures’ for others. (pictures such as notes of encouragement). And put the endorphins aside, runners usually have fun with life and enjoy it more. Not to be bias towards runners… well, okay, yes to be bias towards runners, I think this group of athletes have it more figured out than others. No wonder runners are so cool 😉
I would be curious to see what the world was like if we would all do more of the ‘simple things’. My guess is that in general the world would be healthier, more successful, happier, more fulfilled, and everyone would be having more fun. I’m curious as to why we let ourselves forget the ‘simple things’ that made our childhoods so happy. I’ll keep my people watching and mind thinking on, maybe one day I’ll figure everything out. But until then…
It is a curious world.