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Love, Kacee

I have a confession. I love to read other people’s blogs. I love knowing what’s going on in the lives of my friends and family. I also love knowing their thoughts and views on different things that they blog about. I hate to feel disconnected and distant (especially now that I am like 20394820 miles away from most everyone). So lately I’ve been a blog stalker. Amidst one of my usual blog-reading routines, I had a thought. I thought maybe, possibly, perhaps someone out there wants to know what is going on in my life and what thoughts this head, brain, and mind of mine is thinking. So, I have decided to make an effort to update this blog of ours a little more and maybe let out a few of these streams of thoughts that are constantly running through my mind.

Here we go:
I really don’t even know what to blog about. Okay, scratch that, what I mean is that I have too much to blog about! Life as I know it has been craaaazy as of late. I guess I’ll start with this little thing called moving to Georgia.
Before moving to Georgia, I couldn’t exactly decide how I felt about it. I was happy, I was sad, I was excited, I was nervous, I was ready to start a new adventure, I was stressed, I was prepared, I was bummed to leave friends and family… I was just a little bit of everything! My wonderful husband can attest to this too. Depending on the day, different emotions would pop out. Lots of the time I didn’t even know why I was feeling a certain way. It would just hit me, and it would take me a little while to figure out why I was feeling the way I did. Poor Nate. Just a couple months of marriage I was already being difficult 🙂 Like the true champ that he is though, he was very patient with me and would wait until I was ready to talk things out (which takes me a long time sometimes… hopefully I can get better at it). Through every emotion though, I definitely felt like we were suppose to move to Georgia and that is was the right thing to do. It felt that we were in limbo the whole summer. So as we packed everything we owed into our little VW wagon and pulled away on Monday, August 9th at 6:53 am, I felt like we were actually going to get somewhere this time. And ready or not, here we went.
The drive to Georgia was actually really fun. Call me crazy, but it wasn’t bad at all. My amazing big brother burned us the book Hunger Games on CD, and it made the time fly by. When we stopped at night to sleep, I was almost anxious to get driving the next day so we could find out what happened next! I am a book nerd, I know, I know. Other than the book, I loved stopping at all the little places and loved watching how the landscape changed. My favorite part of the drive was driving from Durango, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Can you say gorgeous? I sure can. There were sunflowers, green lush mountains, and a beautiful sunset. I was in awe. I also loved stopping in Arkansas and spending a night with my Uncle Roman, Aunt Darlene, Jake, Mckenzie, and Fat Joe(the dog). Also, we stopped in Oklahoma and I got to see my dear roommate and friend, Erin Sesemann! I hadn’t seen her for over a year! She’s an awesome person and I loved catching up for just a little. And last but not least, I loved being on a trek across the country with the person I love most sitting right by my side. That always makes things great 🙂
We arrived in Atlanta at midnight on Wednesday night. Nate’s Uncle let us stay in his apartment for the night. I was grateful to have made the drive safely but very anxious to find an apartment and just start a new routine. A routine that will hopefully last for 2 years. Nate felt confident that we could go out the next day and find an apartment and move in that same day. Easy as that. I wasn’t so confident… but I didn’t want to sound negative, and really, that’s all that we could do was go apartment hunting and try to find a place ASAP. Thursday morning we were up and out the door and spent the entire day going from apartment to apartment. We didn’t have the best first impression of Atlanta as we got stuck in traffic, got SO lost, and spent another entire day in the car. After not finding anything really, we found a hotel and called it quits for the day…. and then the same thing happened the next day…. and the next day…. after three days of apartment searching and finding nothing and spending more time in our packed car, I was exhausted and missing home more and more. My parents, my Dad especially, kept reminding me that this was all part of the adventure. I agreed, but said this is part of the adventure that sucks, no matter what everyone keeps telling me! And although my Dad kept telling me to be tough, the protective side in him shone through (like always) and he called me on Saturday with some hope.
My Dad had worked with Lisa Llyod at the City of Orem. While working together, Lisa got married to Grant Lloyd and within a few years, they moved to Georgia. I had met Lisa when I was like… I dunno 4 maybe? Our families kept in touch through Christmas Cards and maybe a few other messages like that throughout the years, but nothing more. My Dad knew that Lisa and Grant lived in the Atlanta area and knew that they were very kind people. So he called them up, and explained our situation. Being true to form, they offered us to come stay with them for as long as we needed till we found a place that we liked. When my Dad called me and told me that we could go stay with them, I was so grateful. It sounded better than anything to go and have somewhat of a stable roof over our heads. It would at least be TONS better than the hotel hopping we had been doing.
The Lloyd’s were the biggest blessing ever. They took us in and treated us like their own children. We went to church with them on Sunday, ate a big Sunday dinner, and played scum. It definitely felt like a little slice of home. Just what we needed. They are amazing people. SO kind and SO generous, and just SO much fun to be with. They definitely spoiled us too. It was a big testimony builder too in a way. The Lloyd’s were definitely striving to live by the commandments and counsels of the church. They are full of love and charity. It just was another confirmation that this church is true, even all the way over here in Georgia 😉
We spent a week with the Lloyd’s. A hectic week! It was the week before school started, and the first week of official practice for me, and Nate. (Nate is our assistant coach for the Men’s and Women’s XC teams). We had lots of team/running stuff, then every spare moment that we could find, we devoted to looking for apartments. We also got to know Atlanta traffic first hand. Because of an accident that happened ahead of us, Nate slammed on the brakes… and we got rear ended. It resulted in standing in the rain for over an hour and a ticket (which we now get to go to court to protest). I also got to know Mr. Humidity. I do not like him. He doesn’t like me. We are trying to work out our differences.
My team is wonderful. Even from the first day I knew it was going to be a good experience. The team just had a great feel to it. The first time I walked in I was greeted by big smiles and hugs. It’s only gotten better from there. After the first week of practice we went on a team outing to Stone “Mountain” (more like a big hill). It was really fun. Stone “Mountain” is the biggest chunk of exposed granite in the world. They take advantage of it too by having a laser show on it! The laser show was kinda like a Georgia Pride history show. So perfect for new Georgians like Nate and myself. Before the show started they were playing some good dancing songs. A few girls on my team got up and started to do dances, and I knew that I was going to like this team. Of course I got up and started dancing with them. We ended up being the pre-show, and got lots of people to join us and applause haha. It was way fun. Now after 2 weeks of being apart of the team, I am liking it more and more. “G-A-S-T-A-T-E! Let’s get it!”

Towards the end of our week with the Lloyd’s we FINALLY found an apartment. We quickly grabbed it and by Friday night, had the keys to our own place. YAY. It’s a cute little place. It’s within its own little community, our budget, tucked in a mini forest, 15-20 mins from campus, 34 stairs up from the parking lot, and is OURS. It really feels so so good to be settled.
The first week of school consisted of 6:30 am practices, being forced to change my major to Psychology (because of transferring, I didn’t have enough credits towards exercise science), Nate’s classes all being dropped then re-added, going on shopping sprees for stuff to fill our apartment, trying out our new crock pot by making a slammin’ roast, rode on ‘Big Mama’s’ shuttle (Big Mama is THE definition of a southern black momma. she was talking so south and fast that I couldn’t even understand everything! it was so funny), finding out Six Flags is only open on Saturday and Sunday(we sat in an empty parking lot on Friday. very bummed), going out to eat at Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles (yum), going to our new ward, and just figuring out what this city of Atlanta is all about.
That’s where we are now. I am sitting here in our empty living room (all the furniture we have right now is a mattress, bookshelf, a few lamps, and stools) and thinking about the past 3 weeks. Soooo much as happened. I have already learned a lot. I have cried (just a little though!). I have laughed. I have been homesick. I have loved being in a TOTAL different environment. I am happy. I owe most of that to Nate too. Not to get all gushy, but I really do owe that boy. I know I couldn’t be handling all of this if I didn’t have him by my side. He might not think it. Since he is the one that gets to put up with all my different emotions and grumps that I have. But whenever he is with me I am so much calmer. I feel like I can do things much better. People always ask me how the married life is and what I like the most. And I usually just reply with the typical, “I just love that we get to be together and never have to ‘go home’.” This is true, but I was thinking about it, and it’s how I feel when we are together and now that we are sealed together that is the best part. I feel stable. Even though my day-to-day emotions are always happy, I AM happy. SO happy. I never get down or bummed like I used to. If I do, it’s only momentarily. Being married to Nate, I know things are always going to work out. I still stress about them, but secretly, I know that everything will be okay. Even if everything in this world goes downhill, I’ll still have Nate. And with that, I feel so much strength and courage. Being married is just great 🙂
Whew! Okay, I think I’ll call it quits now. I just scrolled up and noticed how long this sucker is. I definitely could ramble on and on about all the thoughts streaming through my head. But maybe I’ll save them… who knows. Maybe this is just a bore to read. But maybe, possibly, perhaps, someone out there liked reading this and will want to read another one.
Until then -I’ll leave you with one my favorite quotes that I have been thinking of a lot during the past 3 weeks:
“Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart.” -Pres. G.B. Hinckley
Kacee 🙂

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  1. 🙂 I liked it.
    I felt like we were sitting on your couch, just chatting away. I could hear your voice in parts, especially the last quote. I miss you!
    Glad to hear you're doing great. I love you k!

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