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Cross Country

This past year I’ve been making trips almost weekly the 3 hours and 200 miles from Cedar City to Lindon/Cedar Hills to see my then-fiance (and I guess my family sometimes). I thought that drive up and down I-15 was super boring and took forever, but over the past few weeks I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a trip taking not 3 hours and 200 miles but 3 days and 2000 miles -from Utah to Georgia.
We decided on the following route:
Day 1
Utah (Moab and Monticello)
Colorado (incl. Mesa Verde National Park)
New Mexico (sleep in Santa Fe)
Day 2
New Mexico
Oklahoma (incl. Oklahoma City and the bombing memorial sit
Arkansas (sleep in Rogers, AR)
Day 3
Tennessee (incl. Memphis)
So in preparation for our voyage we packed tons of snacks (which were doubled the morning we left by my mother), made some playlists, and Kacee’s brother Rhett burned us 12 cd’s of The Hunger Games to listen to and keep us busy.
One thing that was really cool about the trip was how varied the scenery was as we went from the mountainous and desert West, through the flat Midwest and into the humi
d and green South. So, we decided to take a sample picture along the way each time it switched up. If you wanna see those, visit my (Nate’s) Facebook page and look under the photos from the trip. Here’s our documentation from all the states we crossed:
Looking back, our last view of Utah for a long time.

Utah –> Colorado
Colorado –> New Mexico

New Mexico –> Texas

Texas –> Oklahoma

Oklahoma –> Arkansas

Arkansas –> Tennessee (on the bridge)

Tennessee –> Mississippi (we didn’t take this one)

Mississippi –> Alabama

Alabama –> Georgia (and yes, Georgia was on my mind)

The trip turned out to be really fun actually and nothing bad happened! Here’s my short recap:
  • Moab to Monticello is a sweet area
  • Southern Colorado looks like the midwest
  • Durango, CO is a wannabe ski town
  • Pagosa Springs, CO is our future summer house location
  • Northern New Mexico is beautiful
  • Santa Fe is pretty sweet and very into the Pueblo thing
  • Northern Texas has to be the flattest place on Earth, I was mesmerized by it.
  • Oklahoma City bombing memorial was actually really big and cool.
  • The Hunger Games is a good book, great story but made actually me sick sometimes thinking of kids killing each other for entertainment.
  • 2 right turns does not make a left turn.
  • Arkansas doesn’t have mountains no matter what anybody tells you.
  • Memphis is cool but very hot.
  • If anybody tells you they were in “__ degree weather and 100% humidity,” they have no clue what the humidity was and all they really mean is it was really humid to them.
  • Mississippi is way cooler than I thought.
  • Birmingham, AL seemed like a hilly city, weird.
  • I was just happy to get to Georgia.
In all, the trip didn’t seem that bad. I had pretty good company but even then I was surprised at how well we fared. Actually, in the days following our arrival, I starting wished that I could just drive through a few more states. Stay tuned for an upcoming post called “Adventures in Homelessness.”