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a picture speaks a thousand words.

We decided to finally get this blog rolling. Since we’ve had SO much stuff going on in the past 1.5 months of our marriage. We decided to let our pictures do the talking…

First: Marriage.

Second: Cancoon Honeymoon.

(our favorite picture of the trip..haha)

Third: Moab

(Nate loves me for my good looks)

Then: Utah Summer Games (Cedar City) & hike in Kanarraville

(Nate dying)

Then & Next & Almost Everyday: Work.
(We run the running club, and work in the store)
Transportation: Scooter.
(Especially with my police helmet and aviators 🙂
Next: Georgia.
For: School at Georgia State University.
(Nate is getting his masters in exercise physiology, and I am running for them and finishing my undergrad)

Overall: we have been spending as much time with our family, fireworks, loving being married finally, and having lots of fun in the…

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