On My Mind


Well, now that the hype from the wedding and honeymoon is all said and done we’ve finally settled into the rhythm of life. There are still tons of things on our “to-do” list but luckily they’re getting crossed out one by one between shifts at the ol running store (ps if you haven’t got a thank you card from our wedding reception, don’t worry, they’re still coming…).

So, I think we’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to be leaving August 9th for Georgia and our new life in the South. In order to make this 1900 mile drive a little less unbearable we decided to make it a tour of the middle of the country essentially by visiting random places and some more famous sites. So, btw, if you have any suggestions on where to visit between here and Atlanta (either along I-70 or I-40) comment and give us some options. I’m looking at you, Heather and Austin. Anything in Manhattan we just have to see?
Kacee’s first day of practice is on the 16th with her new team at Georgia State University, and I will be helping out coaching there as well, so hopefully all goes well with yet another team/coach/school for her.
That’s really about all the news and exciting stuff that is happening right now but I’m sure we’ll have some good stories from our voyage.