Utah Valley Marathon 2017 Recap!

This race was much more than just a race to me. You see, racing has kinda become an objective gage to how I am doing mentally/emotionally, as well as physically. Especially when the race is a marathon. No matter how physically fit you are, marathons require mental & emotional strength & toughness. ¬†For me, I […]

Weekly Training: May 15 – 28

Sup sup. Per usual I am behind :/ I can’t even claim traveling this time. But since we got back from almost 2 months of non stop travel, the past 2 weeks I have been lazy as I’ll get out. You know how people say that they need a vactaion from a vacation? That’s seriously […]

a juice box from God.

As a parent I’m always wondering/worried if I am teaching my babies the right things. And, if what I am teaching them is making an impact. There is some evidence in the small day to day life of things that we have taught them – Ames telling me to buckle up to be safe, Corra […]

Weekly Training: May 8 – 14

Another week down, another pretty good week. I was pretty proud of how this week went considering we were really busy traveling again. Here’s how it went dooooown: Monday: 8 easy miles. My watch was dead so I don’t know the pace. Just did my Mission Estates loop in ol Odessa, TX. Tuesday: 10.3 miles […]